Video editing tips for beginners

Due to social media’s influence, many peoples have become content creators. Anyone can create content and share it on social media. Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook are some common platforms people are using now. We are watching many videos daily, and some videos really strike us with their editing quality. And we started thinking about how can I create these kinds of videos. Are you a beginner and really want to learn video editing, I will share you some ideas.

Plan a video

Yes, first you should plan your video. Its content is really important. And when comes to editing, you should have in your mind a clear image of the final result. Once you have enough raw video material, make up an editing plan.

Choose the best video editor

There are many video editing applications are available in Google Play Store and App Store. If you want to edit videos on your smartphone, you can try the video editor apps Inshot, Kinemaster, VN video editor, Canva, Filmora, Powerdirector, Adobe Premier Rush, and Action Director. These are some good video editor apps available in the market.

If you are a beginner, first try the free version of the application. When you install the application, first check the application is good enough for the type of video you wants to create and its user-friendliness.

Use Proper Music

When comes to background music, use music that is apt for your video and the music does not affect the main content of the video. In some videos, background music kills the dialogue in that video.


First, create a project file in your video editor application and choose its settings. After that, upload the footage and apply effects, color correction, and transitions. Learn basic terms and shortcuts that help you to reduce the time you spend creating a video.


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