How to Convert WhatsApp voice to text message

How to Convert WhatsApp voice to text message

We have shared lots of useful WhatsApp tips and tricks earlier. Today also I’m here with an amazing tip for WhatsApp users. We can translate Texts in WhatsApp, it was a really useful feature right!. Like that, today here I’m sharing another one is, you can transcribe WhatsApp voice messages to texts. After WhatsApp introducing its text message feature, millions of WhatsApp users are using it widely. Because sending a voice message is more easily than typing, also it can convey a message easily than text. But in some particular situations, we can’t play WhatsApp voice messages. In that situation, you may wish it as a text message. If you are in a meeting or public place and without having a headset, it is difficult to play voice messages. You can use an App named “Transcriber for WhatsApp”. This app easy to convert Whatsapp voice to text messages. Let’s know more about this application.

Transcriber for WhatsApp

Transcriber for WhatsApp is an Android app available in Google Play Store with good user reviews. It is a social category app and also an unreleased app in Google Play Store. It still in development mode. But you can use it. More than 500 thousands of people using this app worldwide. Transcriber for WhatsApp app easily converts your WhatsApp voice messages to readable text format. It was last updated on July 16, 2018. And the app requires Android version 4.4 and above. App content rated age 3+.


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When you are in a public place or in a meeting or any difficult situation to play Whatsapp voice message and you are not willing to use another app to convert WhatsApp messages. Whatsapp brings a default feature to overcome this situation. When you are receiving a voice message, just play the message and keep your device in your ear side, you can listen to the voice like the phone call, so other people did not hear the voice. Lots of people using this feature. But if you have any fear to play the message, then the Transcriber app is better.

Transcriber for WhatsApp app does not have any limits. Transcriber for WhatsApp app converts WhatsApp voice messages to readable text format with no limits. I already said that it is an unreleased application, the app is in the development stage so it may be unstable. And we hope it released soon.


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