What is WhatsApp ‘Delete for Everyone’ Feature and How to use it

Whatsapp – Delete for Everyone

In this week, the Whatsapp rolled out the new feature ‘Delete for Everyone’ for all Whatsapp users. It allows users to delete sent messages. After a long time of development and testing, this awesome feature is available for all users. If you can’t get this feature, check your Whatsapp current version and if it is an old version, just update it to get your new Whatsapp. The feature helps you to call back messages sent on individual chats as well as WhatsApp groups. And this Whatsapp Delete for Everyone feature is available on different platforms like Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone.

Whatsapp is a common app for everyone. Most of our discussions, talks are all through WhatsApp. Nowadays, Whatsapp has a major role in our daily life. We can chat with a friend or a group of friends through Whatsapp. Also, peoples use Whatsapp for business purpose discussions. So for a user have multiple types of chats, with friends, with business partners, with family or relatives etc. These are all different entities of a person in his life. So if a Bussiness deal is wrongly sent to a family friend, it may be affecting him very badly. In this case, this new feature is very useful. The feature explains that, the user can delete or recall the message within seven minutes of sending the message and the feature would not work if you are trying to revoke the messages after 7 minutes from sending. The recipient may see your message before it’s deleted or if the deletion was not successful. And you should remember one thing, WhatsApp won’t notify you if the message was successfully recalled or if it is failed, It displays a bubble that with the content like “This message was deleted for everyone” only.

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How to use Whatsapp Delete for Everyone Feature

  • First, You make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone. This feature is only available in latest version of Whatsapp.
  • If you want to delete an accidentally sent message, Select the message(s) you want to delete.
  • Then tap on the delete/ trash icon on the screen.
  • Now the dialogue box will show the new option Delete for Everyone.

With the dialogue box, you can also see another option it is ‘Delete for me’. This option is same as the previous delete option, It allows users to delete the message they have sent or received from the device. And this will have no effect on the recipients’ chats. This feature will not change anything on the recipients end and they can continue seeing the messages in their chat screen. But Whatsapp Delete for Everyone feature will delete the chat from recipient end also. And you can Delete multiple messages at a time.

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