Whatsapp says goodbye to Nokia Symbian and Blackberry OS from June

Whatsapp says its time to upgrade your device, this might be a sad news for some users of WhatsApp. This was decided since November to stop the support to the outdated OS but for some reason, it was delayed. The OS versions like Blackberry OS, Blackberry 10, Nokia  S40 and Nokia S60 will not be able to use Whatsapp from this month. This is not the first time for Whatsapp to stop the support for outdated OS, they had done this same to the Android 2.2 Froyo, Windows 7 and iOS 6.

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Meanwhile, Blackberry expressed their disappointment about this. The reasons that Whatsapp put forward about the case is that outdated OS wouldn’t be able to carry the latest features that are provided by Whatsapp. They are requesting its user to upgrade their OS and enjoy the latest features provided by the company. These outdated OS wouldn’t be able to cope with the features that are going to provided by the company.

After this Whatsapp can only be used in the OS’s like Android 2.3.3 and above and in the case of iPhone it can be used in iOS 7 and above OS’s and Windows users can use Whatsapp on Windows 8 and above. This means that those of you who would like to keep older device can use it make the call and other purposes and if you want to continue your WhatsApp usage you must get a new OS.

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There is no way to transfer the chat history to other platforms but a company will provide the option to attach it to the mail if needed. Support page will be the best way to achieve this feature.

Whatsapp always trying to bring good services to its customers and they are capable of improving themselves but for those improvements, the devices should be capable. The latest OS’s are providing so many features compared to older one’s so keeping updated is one of the major keys to being the success all time.

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