The WhatsApp Text status is back for users and now available in beta version

Whatsapp Text Status: Whatsapp after getting criticized from its user are trying to get their good old days back. Towards the first step to this they have bring out the whatsapp text status feature as a test in Android beta version. After so many criticisms from its user about the copying feature from snap chat and for removing the text faced status which user wanted. There are also users who are accepting the new feature but this category is very low compared to those who hate it.

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The whatsapp text status features which actually undergoing the testing process, so it is only available for the Android beta users. Now if you want that feature so badly you can get it to sign up in the Whatsapp beta community in Google play. After registering in the beta community user can view the status feature on the three dots on the right side of the screen. You won’t be able to view it directly on that bar but it’s will be there in settings about ‘option’. Now you will be able to see the old status feature exactly like it was before. Exactly like before means that it brought back the Available, At school, busy etc statuses. Unlike the new status feature, it won’t reset the status after 24hours.

There are reports states that the new feature is not appearing for every beta user. This may be because it is under testing state now. The old status won’t remove the new status features in Whatsapp. Users can add images in the status features and express your status to the world. This status will be removed after 24 hours like the present WhatsApp.

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So WhatsApp is making an effort to make both side user happy by bringing the old status feature and keeping the new feature. There are so many users who like the old feature and there are users who like the new feature, not only that there is also a category who loves both these features. So after testing, we can expect that WhatsApp will bring the old feature and make both side happy.

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