Whatsapp Message security two-step verification processes

The new feature which was done to the Whatsapp is to increase the account security to its users.  The new feature is optional to its users which user can accept or deny. The Whatsapp new feature will provide the user with a six digit password which user chooses during the verification process. The user can activate the new feature from the settings opening the accounts option after that you can see the two-step verification.

The verification is helpful when you are registering your number to a new device which you and you alone will know. The need for this security is due to the hacking which can be done to your account. If your account had to be accessed from another device than your mobile then the second device have to enter the six digit password which you had entered. The security can increase to the next level by providing the E-mail ID in the registration which will send a One Time Password(OTP) to your account which needs to enter the same situation which is mentioned above.


Whatsapp also mentioned to using the password which you could remember all the time because if you does then for the next 7 days even you won’t is able to re-verify the account. During this time the user will lose the pending messages, these messages will be deleted. And the same situation happens in 30-day re-verification the account will be deleted and you have created a new account.

The WhatsApp will ask you to enter the passcode which is for your account security, so make sure that you don’t forget the password you enter and be safe.

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