Xiaomi redmi 4A Flash Sale tommorow at 12 pm on amazon

Xiaomi redmi 4A will be launched in Amazon flash sale at tomorrow 12 Pm in the morning. We all know the Xiaomi always sells the best device every time for the lesser price compared to the specification it offers. Now Amazon started the countdown for their flash sale for Xiaomi Redmi 4A. We usually find Xiaomi device in Flipkart but this time Amazon took over.

Xiaomi Redme 4A Full Specification

We have seen so many models from Xiaomi which all made us wonder how they managed to sell these mobiles with this price. The device is having a 5inch display which is HD with 1280x720pixel resolution. The display which is better for reading because of less strain on eyes, which is accomplished by the color temperature adjustment in the device. The Snapdragon 425 Quad-core processor with 2GB RAM with 16GB internal memory makes sure that the device won’t let its user down in any case. The internal memory can be expanded using MicroSD card to an extent of 128GB. Adreno 308 will make the graphics on the phone much smoother and efficient.

The camera specification of the device is not at all bad considering the price. 13MP camera in the back will take much more high definition pictures which are not bad at all. The selfie camera will be 5MP shooter will not disappoint selfie lovers.

The device is having a hybrid slot which means you will have to sacrifice one SIM card. The internal memory won’t be enough for the user if they store music and videos on the device. The 4G VoLTE supported phone will perform well. The device gets its premium look with the Gold, Rose Gold and Dark Grey color variants.

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The device will have a 3120mAh nonremovable battery. The price for the device will make wonder in users mind and it is the reason for Amazon’s flash sale. The device will be priced around 5,999/- which is amazing.

Setup your device

The device you are using should be synchronized with internet time. If you are using a Windows PC such as Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 the time can be synchronized by right clicking on the clock and can select the option to adjust date and time. Android devices also need to synchronize with data and time settings on the settings option.

Tricks to buy Redmi 4A

Open the Amazon page and log in to your account before 12 PM today for the Amazon flash sale. For better check out try to link the payment option on the account for fast and accurate checkout. You wouldn’t want to miss the device because of selection of payment option. Amazon flash sale will only provide the user with 15mins for the checkout and if you didn’t it will eventually pass to the next customer so make sure you are linked to your bank account.

If you are put into a waitlist wait for some time and look for the add to cart button on the screen to become active and it has to be done in 3 minutes unless it will pass to the next customer. This is the place you want to use Javascript which will be mentioned later. Refresh [age in every minute if the waitlist becomes full.

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Javascript for the accurate order

Var jq = document.createElement(‘Scrpit’);

Jq.scr = https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.4/jquery.min.js;







Make sure you copy the correct link of the page for accurate booking. Do not be confused by other Redmi devices in Amazon devices. Amazon also changes its coding on flash sale day for decreasing the rush. The javascript shown above is written in a way that it click the buy button in every 10 milliseconds which is not possible using a mouse. The process will continue until the device added to the cart. There is no guarantee this will work but we hope that this code will be helpful for you guys.

How to apply code

Load the Amazon flash sale page completely and right click on the page after the page fully loads. After that click on the inspect elements from the options or use short key Ctrl+Shift+l. The bottom of the screen will show the console tab and of course, click on it. Paste the javascript code shown above to the script box and press enter. Make sure that you do this before 5min before the sale starts. The only thing left to do id to wait for the Amazon flash sale to start. The device will automatically add the product after the Amazon flash sale starts. After it gets adds to cart make the payment fast.

There you have the trick make sure you get your device which has the blazing performance, amazing camera and the outstanding battery life. The features like this will bring out a high sale percentage on Amazone flash sale. Enjoy the flash sale.

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