Xiaomi YI 4k Plus Action Camera | Review

Action camera videos are very common on youtube which shows the live and amazing videos when a pro shoots his stunts himself. Action camera was the kingdom of GoPro series which was the most common name was spread in action camera categories. But Xiaomi with Yi 4k plus managed to conquer the kingdom. The Yi 4k plus is way much better than the GoPro’s.

Coming to the specification it is the first 4K/60FPS action camera. The capturing of videos @60FPS will make the professionals get the maximum and best output. The camera also enables to take the RAW images which will get the perfect results. The predecessor Yi 4k had only the half FPS capacity which is an amazing feature. The live streaming, virtual reality and the 6400 iso capacity with white balance are the nails to GoPro’s coffin. The 4K/30FPS feature was the reason for 4k to get the title as the best action camera. The Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and wifi connectivity are other best features offered by 4K. GoPro’s hero 5 get far behind the Yi 4K because of the 40Mbps data transfer speed.

To get the pro mode there is a build in ΒΌ tripod mount. The stereo mic with the speaker which are the amazing performance which will help when recording video and users can also check the recording with the same feel as it is playing in an editing room. The underwater divers will make the full use of it because of the waterproof capacity till 40meter depth with the special camera. The tri-color indication, 6 axis G sensor are the other features of this camera. The battery capacity of 1400mAh will help the users to get the 95mins recording of 4k videos.

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