TechiHits is a blog that will share the latest technologies in the world and some Mobile review In this time of technologies, everybody has their smartphones so all the questions they ask in mind will be answered in a smartphone. In the world of gadgets and online people, Techihits would like to be one of them that will help to find the answers that you looking for about latest technologies and things you need to know before you visit your favorite places through the travelogues that will be posted in Techihits. The detailed description about the techs and gadgets will help you to choose the gadgets you want to buy. The travelogues which will be posted in tech travel is intended to help you choose the ways and how to reach the destinations. Not only that blog will give you a detailed description that you need to know each and everything about the destination including histories, things to remember, climate etc. So enjoy folks.

About the author

Shameer S

 He is a diploma in computer engineering holder who is passionate about Blogging and Travel. He is from Alappuzha. He had been working as a server administrator and is now he is spending his full time as a blogger for past 6 months. He will be there with his ideas from the shores of vembanadu to help you in your needs.

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