Best way to share android phone screen

Screen Share Option in Smartphones: Everyone wishes to have an android device as their smartphone. I believe that more than 70% of people use Android devices due to their numerous features and low cost. Android devices has many features that day by day they are introducing new and useful apps to the users. Today here I’m sharing something about screen share. It will really help to the users who are new to use smartphones.

Device screen share a process of providing screen access to any of the other users, and that person is able to view all the activity that is processing on your screen. You can also make the required changes to your screen.

How to screen share on smartphone

If you are new to using an Android phone and are unsure about its settings or functions, you will most likely request help from your techie friend. If you can share your screen with them, they will be able to teach you everything you need to know easily. To share your android device screen, we can use Telegram app screen share feature.

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  • Open your telegram app and find your techie friend contact number and call him.
  • After call is connected, tap the start video icon. Then you will get video call options. Here you can see phone screen menu at the bottom left side of your device screen.
    Tap on phone screen menu
  • Then tap on share video option. It will show you a popup box with a message and start now option.
  • Tap on start now option, then your screen will share to your friend. He can see what you doing on your phone. He can teach you easily about the settings and the features you wants to know.

This screen share feature is not only available in Telegram, It also available in Skype, Google Meet etc. Usually Google Meet like applications are using for online classes and meetings. This kind of screen share option is really useful for every users. You can learn about photo editing, video editing, video call management and so on.


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