Best Malayalam Movie Apps 2022

Best Malayalam Movie Apps: After the corona pandemic, most people choose to watch movies at home rather than going to the theatre. Many movies are released on OTT platforms, and OTT platforms are also more economical, as they only require a little subscription fee. The advantage of OTT platforms is that they have a large […]

Best Troll Maker App 2022

troll maker app

Troll maker app: Do you enjoy watching trolls? When we open a social media platform, we will notice a slew of troll photos and videos pointing to a specific topic. Most of the time, trolls will appear with current hot topics. It could be a person, a film, or a social issue. Trolls are funny, […]

How to Convert Photos to Painting

How to convert photos to painting: Painting is a great artwork, that we all love it. A good artist can extraordinary paintings It’s not really easy for everyone. It’s a god-gifting skill. Usually, artists painting on Canvas. Now, in this digital era, many artists switched to digital paintings. In this case, we need the help […]