Turn Off Internet Connection For WhatsApp Only

turn off whatsapp

Turn Off Internet Connection For WhatsApp: WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform. Many people using WhatsApp for communicating with friends and family. Also, we using WhatsApp for official purposes. We can’t stay always on WhatsApp, we have lots of duties in our life. We are using our personal smartphone for entertainment, to do works, […]

Driving license Online app Submission

driving license online app

Driving License Online app Submission: Driving license is a mandatory document for all who drive a vehicle. Different types of Driving licenses available as per the type of vehicle we want to drive. In Kerala, accidental death rates are increasing every year, so the motor vehicles department take strict action against traffic rules violations. Now, […]

How to Convert Video or Audio File

Whenever is your favorite video file not supported on your device? It’s so painful. A file converting process is sometimes difficult. There are lots of files converting software available. Today here I’m sharing a useful file converting application named Online Uniconverter. If it is a one time task, you don’t need to install this software, […]

Pencil Sketch easy at 1 Minute

pencil sketch app

Most of people love drawings. But everyone can’t be an artist and create artistic drawings. Today, like a best friend our smartphone doing most of our duties. For our official and personal purposes we using a smartphone. We know that for a particular task we using the related application. Like that, we can use an […]

New Gen Photo editing App PicsArt

photo editor

New Gen Photo editing App PicsArt: Photo editing is a creative job. Nowadays, most people capturing photos on their smartphones and edit it with photo editing apps. There are lots of photo editing applications available today. For Android and iOS, we can choose the best one for our use. Usually, we choose the applications providing […]