Ramadan 2019: Ramadan calendar , Ramadan Prayer

ramadan calendar

Ramadan 2019 will begins tomorrow, May 6. The people believe in Islam will be keeping fasts from food and drink from sunrise to sunset, and focus on prayers. Ramadan occurs on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, RAMADAN CALENDAR. The starting time is the sunset of May 5 and the Ramadan Holy Festive end […]


fast charge iphone

The speed of charging any device depends on the way you choose to charge the device. A similar case is with charging an iPhone. Apple’s iPhones have supported fast charging but it has never included a fast charger with an iPhone. There are many ways out there for you to fast charge your iPhone but […]

Get Google Maps App lite version Google Maps Go

get google maps app

For entry-level phones with 1GB or less RAM that do not have the strong hardware to handle regular apps, Google is now launching lightweight apps on the Play store. These apps are known as “Go” apps or mini version of standard apps. Get Google Maps App lite version Google Maps Go. Google Map Go app […]


new pan card online

The PAN card is a laminated card issued by the Income Tax Department of India. This PAN card basically consists of your PAN number ie; Permanent Account Number. The PAN number is a unique identity for an individual in India. Anybody can apply for a PAN card no matter whether you are a minor, a […]

Audio Remover Application For Android and iOS

audio remover

Are you ever trying to remove audio sequences from a video file? Nowadays lots of people mixing different video contents with different songs and create a new one. Video editing, audio mixing, Trim videos, Compress videos everything is easy with the use of application. We can done all of these with our smartphone. Extract the […]

Find cheap flights via Google Flights


We can choose different ways to go to our destination. For longer distance, we usually choose Flights for our travel purpose. Compared to all other options, traveling with flight is better for long distance travel like go abroad. Because it consumes less time and efforts. But the travel expense with flight is higher than all […]

Video Compressor – Video to Mp3 Converter App


Nowadays lots of people proving their talent as a video content creator. Creating a video content is not an easy thing. Every single video has lots of efforts in its background. Are you want to become a video content creator? Today, here I’m sharing a tool, that will help you in video editing. Post processing […]