Eyecon: Caller ID App for Android

Caller identification is a really important feature that should have in every smartphone. Every phone users need the help of a caller id application several times in their life. If your device does not have this feature, you can use an application to activate this caller id feature for your device. Today here I’m sharing […]

Take measurements with phone: AR Ruler App

take measurements with phone

Take measurements with phone: Normally we are taking measurements of furniture, room, plot, etc using a Tape or that kind of a measurement tool. Are you think about an Android app for this purpose? We usually use our smartphones for different kinds of purposes. It just a phone but it connects us with others, act […]

How to Share Large Files on WhatsApp

share large files

How to Share Large Files on WhatsApp: WhatsApp is a commonly used messenger application in this world. We can send text messages, images, voice messages, videos, stickers, and more through WhatsApp. But it’s difficult to send large files on WhatsApp. To overcome this difficulty there are so many supporting applications are available in Google Play […]