Speech to Text App Speechnotes

speech to text

Are you lazy in typing text? this will help you. Nowadays, we can control our phone with voice commands. That much our technology has grown up. When you search on Google with voice commands, you can notice it convert the voice to text format. Like that, there are lots of applications available to convert voice […]

Driving Licence Online app Submission

driving licence online app

Driving license is a mandatory document for all who drive a vehicle. Different types of Driving license available as per the type of vehicle we want to drive. In Kerala, accidental death rates are increasing every year, so the motor vehicles department take strict action against traffic rules violations. Now, without carrying a driving license […]

How to prepare for Railway Exam

railway exam

Many educated peoples in India are Jobless. Why did it happen? You should try to achieve your goal. If you want a good job and improve your life, try for it. Lack of self-confidence is the main thing affecting people. It makes them jobless. Many people in India dreaming a Government job. Because of it […]

Flight Ticket Booking Solutions

flight ticket booking

For traveling, we choose different ways as per our needs. For long distance traveling most of the people choosing flight. Travel to abroad, we have only this one solution. Flight ticket rates are varying time to time. We can book flight tickets online with cheap rate. But we should know some important things before that. […]