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Learn English Online: English is the simplest and most easiest language to learn. However, we believe that learning English is difficult. It is one of the most widely used languages in the world, with an impact on practically every industry. The finest language to use to introduce ourselves to the rest of the world is English. English is the most often used language for official communication. We have many time to speak with foreigners in present era. Because they may not speak our language, so English is perfect Language to contact people in other countries. Knowing English improves your chances of getting hired overseas or with a multinational company in your own country. As a result, understanding English is critical in our daily lives. There are a number of free online resources for learning English. Today, I’m going to share some resources for learning and speaking English easily from home.

Learn English Online

It is a collection of free English learning tools aimed to help you in learning any part of conversational English you find most interesting or important at the time. Improving your English a little each day is the most effective way to learn English. It provides a complete guide to English grammar and usage with detailed explanations and examples for each rule. It also includes a list of the most common English idioms, phrases, and proverbs, along with their definitions. Here are some English vocabulary lists that are organised by word frequency so that you can learn the most commonly used words first. Famous English quotations, English language quotes, and inspirational quotes are also provided for English learners. For further information, go to the website. Also Read: How to Convert Photos to Painting


FluentU is an application that takes real-world videos like music videos, commercials, news, and inspiring talks and turns them into English learning experiences. Each video comes with interactive captions that provide definitions and pronunciations for any word you don’t recognize. This app makes you not only to learn English naturally but also be able to speak English the way native speakers use it. Get it from Google Play Store.


Duolingo is one of the best English learning apps and is highly recommended for English beginners. This app uses the concept of ‘gamification’, Duolingo presents the lessons in a way that makes it feel like you’re just playing a game and it has an eye-catching visual style and it is free. This app provides a wonderful teaching strategy. If you make any mistake, the app will immediately give you a different game to correct your mistake and if you further make mistakes, the app will give you another game to help you understand the mistake. It is available in the Google Play Store.


Busuu is another app to practice your English speaking. With Busuu, you can talk with native English speakers to practice your English speaking. It helps you learn the English language on the go and the lesson’s quality are guaranteed as it is based on the CEFR language framework. This app is highly recommended for beginners. It allows you to interact with the native English speakers and hence helps you to improve your English speaking skills. Get it from Google Play Store

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