Password Protection Tips for Mobile Phone users

Password protection tips for mobile phone users: We all know that Passwords is are a really important thing we should secure more. When we store a password on our Android device, we should take care of some important factors. Today here I’m sharing such important things we should keep in mind as an Android user.

Don’t Install Apps from Unauthorized Sources

Google Play Store is the authorized source to download Android apps. We do not download any applications from unauthorized sources. It may harmful to our device. Today, Technology so much improved and people have its benefits. At the same time, lots of gadgets like Android phones get malicious attacks. Hackers are always trying to steal your personal data including passwords. So if you are installing an App from an unauthorized source is like welcoming the thief to your home. So I recommend an Android user always download apps from Google Play Store.

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Use Strong Passwords

Always use strong passwords. A strong password is a combination of capital letters, small letters, numbers, and special characters and it should be eight characters long.Don’t use the passwords like ‘password’, 123456′, ‘00000’ etc. People usually set simple passwords because we can remember these passwords easily. An easy password is vulnerable to brute force attack and it exposure your vital information in the hacker’s community.

Encrypt your Data

Always save your data in an encrypted format is safe. Usually, people saving passwords and other important notes in notepad apps. But it’s wrong. The hackers are always trying to get access to your phone storage in search of passwords. But if we keep our data in an encrypted format, it will be tough for hackers to use the information even if your phone security is breached. Also, most of the android smartphone has these features. So, think and take some important security measures against your data and passwords.


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