How to Done PF Withdrawal Online

How to Done PF withdrawal online: As per the Employee Provident Fund Act of 1952,  Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO)  has developed a saving scheme named Employee Provident Fund (EPF). It is a retirement benefits scheme that is available to all salaried employees. is one of the best ways to save money for salaried individuals. Under the EPF scheme, an employee has to pay a certain contribution towards the scheme and an equal contribution is paid by the employer. The employee gets a bulk sum amount including self and employer’s contribution with interest on both, on retirement. In an emergency situation, such as hospitalization, wedding or education of your child, home renovation and repairs, we will need funds quickly. PF is very helpful for such situations.

PF withdrawal can be done in two ways:

  • Physical application / offline PF withdrawal
  • Online application for PF withdrawal

This article provides the procedure for the online withdrawal of PF. In order to apply for PF withdrawal online, you need to make sure the following conditions are met.

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  • UAN(Universal Account Number) should be activated and the mobile number used for activating the UAN is in working condition.
  • UAN is linked with your Aadhar, PAN and bank details.

Procedure For Online PF Withdrawal

  1. Go to EPFO e-SEWA portal
  • Next, log in with your UAN and password then enter the CAPTCHA
  • Then click on Manage from the menu bar
  • Tap on the KYC from the drop-down list
  • Now you have to check whether your Aadhar, PAN, and bank details are verified or not
  • After verifying the details, click on the Online Services from the menu bar
  • Then click on the Claim(Form-31, 19 & 10C) from the drop-down list
  • Now, it will display the member details, KYC details, etc. Then, to submit your claim form just click on the tab Proceed for the online claim.
  • Next, under the I want to apply for tab, select your withdrawal condition. These are the withdrawal conditions:
  • Form-31 – Partial withdrawal of PF
  •  Form-19 –  Complete PF withdrawal
  •  Form-10C – Pension withdrawal benefit & scheme certificate
  • Form-10D – Claim of monthly pension
  • After that, an OTP will be sent to the Aadhar linked mobile number. Enter the OTP and submit. After the successful submission of the claim, a reference number will be generated and displayed which can be used for further claim status checks.

Your claim is then forwarded to your employer for approval. As soon as the claim is approved, the PF amount will be credited into your savings account linked with your EPF account within 10 days.


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