SUMITHRAM LOAN SCHEME – KERALA STATE LOAN SCHEME FOR MINORITIES: The COVID pandemic is widely affected in the world. India is a developing nation not developed, here, the covid pandemic affected very badly because majority of peoples in India are middle class and lower middle class. So government support is really important.

The Kerala state government provides best support for the people to overcome the pandemic situation. Now, here we’re sharing about Sumithram loan scheme. The Kerala State Minorities Development Finance Corporation introduced Sumithram loan scheme for minorities. Its interest rates are very low, 5-6%. There are various types of loans available under this scheme. Sumithram Marriage loan, Covid loan, education loan, Pravasi/Visa Loan, Housing loan Treatment loan and more.

The Kerala State Minorities Development Finance Corporation Ltd. (KSMDFC) was established on 14 February 2013 and registered under as a Non Profit company under the Companies Act 1956 on 22 March 2013. The main objective of the company is to promote welfare and economic development of religious minority and recommended communities, as notified by the Central and State Government from time to time, by providing financial assistance by way of loans, advances, guarantees, securities and other financial aids subject to the guidelines as laid down by Government of India. As per the national commission of Minorities Act, 1992 the notified minority communities in the State are Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddists Parsis.

How to Apply for Sumithram Loan Scheme

Apply Loan for Marriage: The marriage loan category for the marriage needs of the children of minority parents. Not only for parents,  women’s can also get a loan amount up to Rs 5 lakh at 6% interest for their wedding needs.

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Visit KSMDFC website –

Here listed all the application forms of currently providing loan schemes.

You can download  Application form Sumitram – Marriage loan if you are applying for marriage loan.

Apply Loan for treatement: You can acquire a loan of up to 5 lakh for medical treatment. It has a 5% interest rate. Loans are also available for persons who have lost their jobs as a result of Covid 19. With this financing, they can start a new business.

check this links:
Application form Sumitram – Treatment loan

Application form Sumitram – Covid loan

Education Loan- Parent Plus – Application Form

General Housing Loan Application Form

The study abroad loan amount has been increased from 20 lakh to 30 lakh. Under the self-employment and business expansion schemes, loans would be available for joint applications. The application income limit has been raised to Rs 600,000. The interest rate on a home loan was cut from 8% to 6%.


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