RTO Vehicle Information App

Do you ever forgot to renew your vehicle insurance? most of us facing this same problem. We all have several duties in every day. So sometime we may forgot something most important things. To make our life easy, we can use the latest technologies. Today here I’m sharing an application to know vehicle information. This application not only shows your vehicle insurance renewal, it will helps you to know resale value of your vehicle, know about vehicle loan, you can buy FASTag through this app, this will also have a digital document manager. Lets know more about this application.

RTO Vehicle Information App

RTO Vehicle Information App is really a one-stop solution for all your vehicle needs and RTO vehicle information. There are numerous features included in this app. RTO related, To get a loan, Car service, to buy Fastag etc. Lets know some features in detail.

Find Vehicle owner, license and RTO challan details
You can find Vehicle owner, license and RTO challan details through this app. Just enter the vehicle registration number to get complete RTO vehicle information or Indian vehicle details at the RTO of any parked, accidental, or stolen vehicle. You may find out about ownership, pending challans, car type, make, model, insurance, fitness, pollution, blacklist status, financier information, and more.

Purchase a FASTag and receive 24-hour roadside assistance.
When you buy a FASTag through this app, you’ll save 1% on every fuel recharge powered by IDFCFirst Bank. You can also purchase roadside assistance packages to keep yourself stress-free on long trips.
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Keep your vehicle documents safe
Your can store your personal documents, such as insurance, RC, pollution, service, challans, and receipts, are stored in the document manager, which is a secure digital archive. Take a photo of these documents or upload existing files in your phone and keep them in apps document manager.

Insurance renewals
Buy insurance at the cheapest price and zero commission (powered by Acko)! Set reminders on the expiry for your current insurance checking app so you never have to pay fines again drive without cover


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