Free Translator app Tranit for All Language

Free Translator app Tranit for All Language: Today, in this world, people using more than six thousand languages for communication. Nowadays, we can communicate with anyone in this world from anywhere. Unknown language is a barrier to communicate with others. We are always strong in our native language. In our lifetime, we can’t learn all of these languages to communicate. So we can solve this issue with translation techniques. There are lots of free translator app available in the market.

Today, here I’m sharing an application named Tranit. Let’s know more about this application.

Tranit – Free Translator, Translate All Language

Tranit is a free translator app for Android users. We can translate a language to another easily with Tranit app. This is really helpful when we using social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp etc. The use is really simple, we don’t need to copy and paste contents, just drag the translation ball to anywhere on the mobile screen. The Tranit app supports more than 100 languages including Indian languages. It translates English to Hindi, Hindi to Urdu, Arabic to English, English to Malayalam, Malayalam to English, etc.

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Tranit App features Listed below:

Application Translator: When you are using an application such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google Chrome or anything. This Tranit application helps you to translate the unknown languages ( Foreign language ) into your native language (target language) without switching out to translation apps.

Text Translator/Chat Translator: For example, you are using WhatsApp to chat with your foreign friend, Tranit app enables you to quickly translate the text of the speech bubbles and input boxes. It includes Bubble Text Translation, Input Box Translation, and Clipboard Text Translation.

Floating Ball Translation/Screen Translation: Use app translation floating ball for translate text. Just drag the translation floating ball over any text in an app that you want to translate. You will get the result at the next moment.

Automatic Language Detection: Like popular translate applications, Tranit also detect the source languages automatically and translate it to the target language as per your needs.

Currently, this application is available on Google Play Store and you can download it from Google Play Store. Tranit app available under Tools category of application on Google Play Store. More than 1 lakh Android users downloaded Tranit from Google Play Store and it has an average rating of 4.6 stars.


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