How to chat on WhatsApp and Facebook without seen online

How to chat WhatsApp without online status visible: In our lives, the term “privacy” is extremely important. However, in this digital age, social media has become an integral part of our lives. Keeping your privacy is difficult most of the time. Facebook and WhatsApp are the most common social media platforms. When you’re using Facebook or WhatsApp, it lets others know you’re online. If you don’t want others to know that you are online, there are certain unique applications available to help you. You can use the app to chat on WhatsApp and Facebook without seen online.  Let’s know more about this application.

How to chat WhatsApp without online status visible

Hide – Blue Ticks or Last Seen, Photos and Videos

This is one of the great application to hide status online. With this app you can now read your friend’s incoming messages invisibly, without leaving any last seen notices or blue double checks, and it works across all popular messaging apps.

How to use:

Hide – Blue Ticks or Last Seen app is very easy to use: Any message you receive from one of these messenger apps will also be received in the Hide – Blue Ticks or Last Seen app. There, you can read it anytime you want without letting on to your friends that you have seen it. To use this app, there’s no need to disconnect from the internet or switch to offline mode. Hide – Blue Ticks or Last Seen has a beautiful and an easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly retrieve messages and organise them by messenger.

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– For all popular chatting apps, there is no last seen, no blue ticks, and no last time seen.
– Read chat messages incognito and invisibly.
– Without the double blue check notification, you can enjoy your photos, movies, and music files.
– You can now also hide your personal photos and videos.
– Hide your photos and videos from others.


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