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How to Find Qibla Direction

find qibla direction

If you are an Islamic believer you know about Qibla direction and how much this important in your life. As per Islamic beliefs, every Muslim should pray 5 times a day. And the prayer time is also be defined, first, Before sunrise (Salat al-fajr ), then midday: after the sun passes its highest (Salat al-zuhr), […]

Spoken English Online

learn english

English, the easiest and comfortable language to learn. But we think it’s not possible to learn English easily. It is one of the most dominating languages of the world, is having its impact on almost every field of work. English is the best language to introduce ourselves to the world. For official purposes, English is […]

Pencil Sketch easy at 1 Minute

pencil sketch app

Most of people love drawings. But everyone can’t be an artist and create artistic drawings. Today, like a best friend our smartphone doing most of our duties. For our official and personal purposes we using a smartphone. We know that for a particular task we using the related application. Like that, we can use an […]