The Best GPS Tracker System for our Vehicles

Are you worried about your vehicle when you have parked it in a public place? Vehicle theft is very common these days. To secure our vehicle, In order to prevent people from stealing our vehicle, we must plan ahead. If you use the best GPS tracker system, you can make your vehicle safe easily. Here, the question is, What is the best GPS Tracker system for our vehicles? A GPS tracker system will accurately understand every movement of a vehicle.

Onelap GPS Tracking Device

Live GPS tracking and driving history: It shows the accurate location of the vehicle using its advanced GPS antenna. While you’re moving, the device updates your location every 10 seconds, keeping you connected even when you’re not using it.
Instant Anti Theft Alarm: Get notified in case of theft by an alarm notification. (if the ignition is turned on or the vehicle is moved via towing or pushing)
Remote Engine Lock: Simply turn off your vehicle by swiping down in app. The vehicle will be turned off within seconds if driven at less than 10 km/hr or in an idle state.

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Daily statistics: All the daily stats like Run time, Idle time, Stoppage time, Distance, Average speed, and Max speed are shown on daily basis.
Safezone: Use the safe zone feature to create a safe zone around your vehicle to get notified as soon as the vehicle enters/exit state in that region.
Graphical Report: Check 14 days graphical report of your vehicle in the Analytics section by default and change the dates with calendar option available in the top section.

To know more, you can check the official website of Onelap

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