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Our smartphones are a really valuable thing because of the device cost and the data we stored in. A single device we used for all our needs in daily life. Most people are using their smartphone as a personal assistant, everything confidential and strictly personal data are stored in it. You may search for phone finder apps for protecting your device. You can see many phone finder apps on the Google Play Store. Today here I’m sharing you one of the best phone Finder Find My Device, that will definitely help you to find your lost device. Let’s know what is Find My Device.

Find My Device

Find My Device is a phone finder app and also a service powered by Google. We all know that the Android Operating System is developed by Google. And Google also provides many beneficial resources to be using for your Android device. Android is more user-friendly than any other Operating System and available Android devices at a cheap price. In India, smartphone users are widely increased and a good percentage of people prefer Android devices as their personal smartphones. Find My Device is also a Google App. Using Google apps such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Play Store, etc., should sync with your Google account. When you sync your google account with your device, the Find My Device is also activated for you. And it will get the Administration power as well. 

Find My Device App On Google Play Store

Find My Device helps you to track your device remotely, you can able to lock, and erase the data on the device that was lost or stolen from you. And track battery life, connected wifi network name are the other data provided by Find My Device. For our valuable phone, we should choose support from trusted sources. Google is the most trusted source for an Android device ever. Find My Device is now a part of Google Play Protect, a suite of services designed to protect your phone from malicious content as well.

How to Find a Lost Device using Find My Device

If you already sync your device with Google account and the location is also enabled on your device, you can simply track your device with this service. So you should need to take some pre-checks now. 

1. Check  Find My Device is enabled on your device.

Go to settings -> Security -> Device Administration – > Find My Device

2. Turn On Location

Go to settings -> Location-> turn on it by just a single tap.

3. Check Google Play visibility is on

Go to

Sign in with your Google account and check your device listed there and if the visibility is turned on.

Let’s Know how to Find 

Go to the link

Then Sign in with your Google Account

You can see the location, wifi network information, battery level here. And it provides an option to play a sound on your device. If you click on the button, your device will start ringing even if it in silent. Also, you can enable secure and erase data.


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