How to Block Phone Calls ( Unknown calls ) in iPhone

Today, lots of people facing unknown calls related issues. The phone is a really important thing in our life but this kind of unwanted call harms our time. You may receive telemarketing calls, Calls from unknown numbers, etc. You can easily block phone calls from unknown numbers on the iPhone. Let’s know how to do this.

iOS 13 providing a new feature to silence all the unknown calls and it sends to your voicemail. This feature is built into iOS so you don’t need to install any third-party app for this purpose.  And it only works in iOS 13 devices and not in older versions. When you turned on this feature on your iPhone, it using Siri intelligence to allow calls to ring your phone only when the calling number is found in your Contacts, Mail, or Messages apps. Also, you will receive the calls from the people you already contacted and not saved in your contact list. And you can find the unknown calls in your voicemail to check you haven’t missed any important calls. So you can avoid unwanted telemarketing calls, spam calls without any effort. This feature is not suitable for peoples who are not using voicemail.

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How to Block Phone Calls ( Unknown calls ) in iPhone

How to enable call blocking feature

  1. Open the Settings app on your device and move to Phone.
  2. Here you can see an option named ‘ CALL SILENCING AND BLOCKED CONTACTS’.
  3. Below this option, enable Silence Unknown Callers. That’s it.

Another way to block unknown calls are described below:

You can block calls with Do Not Disturb feature.

Just enable Do Not Disturb option. You can add some contacts to favorite list and make allow contacts from favorites. Or enable All contacts, this will allows calls from your contact list and blocks all other calls from unknown contacts.

Also, in your Phone app ( A green color call icon ) you have the option to block particular contacts. Just save the contact and make it blocked.


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