How to use the Trending Face App

Face App is the new trend viral on social media, it allows users to put age filter on any photo and show you how that person will look when he or she is old. In the last week, over 150 million people have used the app. The app is completely safe and that it only collects minimal data from users. Now users are crazy about this app. Several celebrities have also shared their older-looks created using the app on social media. The app works similar to Snapchat and lets you turn your selfie into an old person’s picture. It can add a smile, change the gender and age of your picture. The results that the app offers are pretty impressive and so realistic. Along with making a photo look older, the app can make the person’s image look more attractive, making them look younger than their actual age or altogether change the gender of the image by turning male selfies to females.


Face App is available on the Google Play Store and is placed in the photography category. It is offered by FaceApp Inc with a size of 12M. For installation, it requires Android version 5.0 or higher. The current version of the app is 3.4.8 and is lastly updated on 17th July 2019. The app has an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.

Features provided by Face App

  • Transform selfies and make people virtually look older or younger than their actual age
  • Change hair colour and style
  • Add amazing tattoos
  • Change the gender of the image by turning male selfies to females
  • Add glass
  • Let AI find the best style for you etc.

How to Make Your Face Old with FaceApp

  1. First of all download the app from Google Play Store
  • Then install it on your device
  • Then open the app
  • Next, head to the camera and click a selfie or choose a photo from Gallery
  • Now, the app will process the photo and display the filters that you can choose to edit your image
  • Go to filter menu on the bottom and tap on Age
  • Then select Old, if you need a younger age then select the corresponding option
  • The app also provides filters like change hairstyle and colour, add glass etc. Select the filter of your choice
  • Then click on Apply
  • Then tap on the download arrow in the top corner to save it to your phone and share it on social media

The first version of the app was released in 2017. The free version offers a limited choice of filters including the one that is going viral right now.


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