Language translator app Google Translate – Best Features

Google Translate is a free translation service developed by Google, to translate text. Google Translate supports 103 languages, including nine Indian languages, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam and Kannada. It offers both website interface and mobile apps. Google Translate app is one of the best language translator app. It can be downloaded from Google play store and can be used on your smartphone at your convenience. Google Translate is overflowing with features and here are some of the best useful features that will be helpful for you.


Best Features of the Language Translator App Google Translate

Offline Translations

You won’t always have a stable internet connection while travelling the world. If you wish to use Google Translate while travelling, use the offline transition feature. Google Translate can do basic translation without any internet access provided you had already downloaded the necessary languages to your phone.

              To download the languages, tap the Menu icon and choose Offline Transition. Then choose the languages you want from the list of languages that shows up. Then tap Download. (Note that not all languages that Google Translate supports is available for download). In offline mode you cannot do conversational voice input but both typing and camera scanning works normally.

Type and Write to translate

You can type something and have it translated to another language of your choosing. You can choose language of your text in the left box of Google Translate and also the language to which you have to translate your text in the right box. You can type your text in the left box. The translated text will appear in the right box.

             You can also write the text on the screen which will be detected by Google Translate and translate it to your desired language. To use this feature, tap Handwriting and start writing in the Write here box.

Use your smartphone camera

By pointing the camera at some words or phrases, you can translate those words into many languages. This feature will translate the words from whatever the camera sees — whether it is a street sign, restaurant menu, or even handwriting.

                  To use this feature, tap the camera button on the app and point the device at the text you’d like to translate. You can also choose an existing photo from your phone’s gallery by clicking Gallery icon. 

Conversation mode

Another main feature of Google Translate is the Conversation Mode. To begin, tap Conversation.  In the bottom corners of the screen, set the language that you and the other person speak.Tap the microphone icon at the bottom of the main text box. There’s a handy popup with instructions accessible via the hand icon at the top of the conversation screen. It explains the situation to the other person in their language.

Conversation mode goes back and forth between the two languages, you and the other person speak. Tap the speaker icon to hear a translation spoken aloud.

Tap to Translate

If you enable this feature, Google Translate will perform translations directly in any apps you want, like Gmail, WhatsApp etc. No need to copy and paste the text from those apps into Google Translate.

                        To use this feature, tap the Menu icon. Go to Settings and then tap Translate. Slide Enable on. Now when you copy text from any app, a Google Translate icon will float on the screen. Tap this to get an instant translation.


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