How to use MyGov helpdesk India on WhatsApp

MyGov helpdesk India: COVID – 19 spread across the world. As of now, there are lots of people died by affecting corona disease. Now, India is also trying to overcome this virus affected disease. For that, the government takes lots of safety measures and campaigns to save the country. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has already released some helpline numbers for each state to clear all COVID19 queries from the public. 1075 is a national helpline number, it is a toll-free number and another one is +91-11-23978046. WhatsApp is a popular messenger application we know. So our Government has also created a chatbot on the corona that is the MyGov Corona Helpdesk.

MyGov helpdesk India

Through MyGov Corona Helpdesk, you can clear all of your queries about Corona and you will get real-time automated responses as well. There are lots of fake news spread about this virus attack. So, with this helpdesk, you will get the latest updates from trusted sources. You can check the latest updates, affected areas, and everything about COVID19.

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Just send your questions to the WhatsApp number shared by the government. Here I will share with you the step by step guide to do this.

  • Save this number ’90-131-515-15′ in your phone book ( contacts list ) on your device.
  • Then, open WhatsApp and search for the contact name you saved to start the chat
  • Type your questions in the chatbox and send a message.
  • Then, you will get an automated response on your query instantly.

You can ask the questions like ‘ What are the symptoms ‘, ‘ Which areas are affected?’ , ‘The total number of affected people’ and more. Let’s pray for our country and for the whole world. We can break the chain. Trust our medical department, they are working day and night for our country to protect our lives. So co-operate, try to avoid the visits in public places.


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