Save to SD Card – Save your photos to SD card on Android

Nowadays smartphone users are increasing day by day. It’s a good thing. Many smartphones getting problems after completing its one-year warranty period. Most of the people saying an issue that is device is getting hang, Device performance is bad like that. Most of this kind of issues are related to the device memory. Everyone using social media apps, messengers etc. WhatsApp is one of the popular messenger application. Every day a single user receives more than 20 media files. These media files consume more memory from our device. Just clear the unnecessary media files regularly, it can prevent this issue at a limit. At the same time, lots of the smartphone users are widely using the device camera. Now, most of the people are choosing good quality camera smartphones as well. This media files also consumes a huge amount of memory from your device and it affected to your device performance. You can also save the media files captured using your camera on SD card. To SAVE TO SD CARD, most of the Android devices having inbuilt solutions. You can change it in settings. Android settings options are nearly similar in all devices. But some Android versions having some changes. Here I explain, let’s see the details.


Lots of Android devices are available on market. Most of the device has limited internal storage. But users can extend storage using SD cards. Some Android versions do not provide an inbuilt solution to change storage location to SD card for the camera. But you can achieve it with some simple methods. Let’s see how photos save to SD Card. 

How camera files save to SD Card on Android Oreo and Pie versions.

Unfortunately, the latest versions of Android, Oreo and Pie versions did not have an option for saving files to SD card directly. In this case, you just download another Good camera app from Google Play Store and set the default storage location as SD card on settings. Camera MX is one of the best camera apps, you can choose it. 

 How to save files to SD Card on Android Nougat

If your device Android version is Android Nougat, you can directly save the camera files to SD card. For that, you need to take 2 steps. First, you just insert the SD card to your device. Then open the camera app and change storage location on settings.

Save files to SD Card on Android Marshmallow

The Process is the same as Android Nougat. First, carefully insert your SD card on the device then change the storage location on the camera settings. In the case of Marshmallow, after you insert the SD card, the device shows a popup to select the storage location. And you may need to use a USB cable for transferring SD card files. 

Save files to SD Card on Android Lollipop

You can simply set the storage location as SD card on Android Lollipop. Just insert and change the location to SD Card.

Save files to SD Card on Android KitKat

Android KitKat does not provide an option to change it storage location to SD card. So you need to use another camera app like MX camera to achieve it.

I hope this information is useful for you guys. Thanks for reading and put your comments on the below comment box.


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