Facebook Marketing Tips

The social network can be great for keeping people in touch. Among the social networking platforms, Facebook is the most popular. It has billions of active users that log on daily. For many people it is part of their life, they interact with friends, relatives etc. Not only for chatting many of the people also use Facebook for marketing purpose. Majority of marketers admit to using Facebook advertising regularly. Marketers need to be smart in terms of how they grow their audience and business through Facebook. This article shares some Facebook marketing tips.

  • Create a Business Page

For increase your business through Facebook, first of all, you create a business page, not a personal profile. Actually, it like a personal profile, but you must include more business tools, brands etc.

  • Add a great cover photo

Facebook is highly visual. A great cover photo that captures the attention of new visitors. So optimization of the cover photo is very important. Do make your Facebook cover photo size is right. Facebook currently supports cover video also. Cover videos are a terrific option for the brand across numerous industries have already taken advantage of it to hold their visitor’s attention.

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  • Add a perfect profile picture

Next thing is to add a profile picture like your company logo that will be easy for visitors to recognize. High-quality close-ups and headshots are common for those running a solo brand.

  • Optimize your About section

Above section is one of the first places that people will look when they visit on your page. This section should give the visitors a sense of what your page and your business are about.

  • Use a custom Facebook tab

Facebook allows you to create custom tabs, where you can feature anything such as you can include any and all pertinent information about your brand. It may include videos, posts, community page which tell you even more about the company.

  • Optimize your Post timing

 On Facebook timing is everything. You should find the optimal posting times for your business. Scheduling your post in advance is a must-do for brands. Timing often depends on what your target audience uses Facebook for, the content of your post etc.

  • Post Videos: Especially live videos

Another big way to boost your business is with video content. Facebook users watch over a hundred million hours of videos every day. Facebook live video streaming service that lets anyone broadcast videos from a mobile device. Facebook live has been some good results in terms of marketing engagement.

  • Post your best blog content

For business, marketers need t post content to social that entertaining, interesting, relevant to the audience. 

  • Promote your page with Facebook Ads

In terms of marketing values, Facebook Ads are still an inexpensive and effective marketing method. Facebook is still way cheaper than Google AdWords.

Overall, Facebook’s advertising and algorithm be a great tool for marketing and for most businesses. You should optimize your Facebook business page, optimize your photos, optimize your videos etc. With these, you can grow up your audience and business through Facebook.


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