Data Protection: How to prevent hacking your data

Data Protection: Personal data is very important for all of us. So data protection is very important. We all are using smartphones, a wide range of people choosing Android smartphones. Android users installing apps from the Google Play Store and other third-party sources. At the time of installations, the app asks for permission and we are granting the permission as well. When we are permitting accessing media, location, camera or any other source for an app, at the same time we are permitting accessing our data stored in our devices. Some apps are going to be hacked our data with this permission. This is a common issue facing most Android users.

Sometimes we can see ads on browsers that are we previously searched items. The ads showing on browsers as per the data collected.

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Data Protection Tips – Prevent apps from Accessing our data

First, you should know about the app you are installing. An image editor application never needs permission for accessing your location, microphone, etc. If any application that asks for unnecessary permission, you don’t give it. If you denied the permission and app not working, just ignore it. Uninstall the app and download an alternative application for that purpose.

You can manage the app permissions one-by-one. Here I will give you the steps to check the app permissions.

  1. One method: You can check app permission by a tap on the app icons.
  • Just tap and hold the app icon, it will show you app info popup.
  • Tap on the app info, it will show you all about the app like notification settings, permission settings, storage, Data usage, etc.
  • Tap on Permission, here you the see the list of permissions you are agreed and denied for that particular app.
  • Just deny the unwanted permission you are giving to the app previously.

2. Another method: Some app icons are not appearing on the device app listing. So you can check it with device settings.

  • Open Settings, then move to Apps & Notification.
  • Here, you can see all the apps installed on your device.
  • Tap on an app and see more information about the app.
  • Move to permission option, and check the list of permission you granted for the app. That’s it.

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